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The Sexual Health Clinic at St Helens Hospital has a team of dedicated nurses who run weekly nurse lead clinics offering monitoring, support and care of patients living with HIV.  Consultant clinics are held on a weekly basis for patients referred into our service or who are diagnosed within the service.  We liaise with Liverpool Women's Hospital for any pregnancies that we manage within our service.  We also have strong links with the Dermatology department who often review our patients referred to them with a variety of skin conditions.

Psychology support is available for our patients struggling with or coming to terms with their HIV diagnosis. Sahir House also offer a wide range of services to individuals and families living with, or affected by HIV on Merseyside. Sahir house support service attend the clinic on a week offering one to one support for attending our clincs, who are living with and affected by HIV.

Any concerns regarding transferring your HIV care to the St. Helens service, please contact 01744 646 482.

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